Friday, March 11, 2011

Games that matter, 3/11/11

YESTERDAY: A quiet night on the ice - at least as for as the Columbus Blue Jackets' playoff chances go...
  • Predators beat Wild
  • Coyotes beat Flames
The CBJ's playoff hopes did not change one lick by these happenings, keeping their chances at 3.6%.  Same number of games left, points to 8th and points to 96.
TODAY: Did you hear?  It's Rick Nash bobblehead night!  Oh yeah, there's a hockey game, too.
  • Blue Jackets over Kings
  • Avalanche over Ducks
I'll be in class tonight, so Gallos will offer the postgame recap.  

HUNT FOR THE FIRST DRAFT PICK:  Didn't change, either, although St. Louis is poised to jump over Columbus and push the Blue Jackets down to 9th.

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