Sunday, March 20, 2011

Game 72/New Jersey: Gallos' Take

Sometimes the Schedule Counts 

Marty Brodeur endures a boring hockey game.
The picture says it all.  Marty Broduer endured another boring hockey game to record his 115th total NHL shut out.  The picture is representative of the pressure that Brodeur faced, with the CBJ recorded a whopping 1 shot in the first period in the face of  the New Jersey neutral zone trap.  The CBJ were unable to respond to a rested team (relatively) in playing their 3rd game in less than 4 days, and following a 2 PM start in Minnesota yesterday that went to overtime.  In short, the home team did not show up.

New Jersey scored a goal in each period, and the CBJ were unable to generate any real heat on Brodeur.  NJ scored 3 times on rebounds, but the CBJ were unable to even touch those few rebounds that Brodeur gave up, even though he gave up some juicy ones up the slot in the third period.  The home boys were just unable to respond. 

This was not a real fun game to watch.  The Jacques LeMaire neutral zone trap (i.e. Hitch Hockey) is not entertaining to watch, and our boys did not have the legs or an answer to it.  All I can say at this point is that the 32 oz IPAs at Boston's removed the sting of enduring sanctimonious NJ fans sitting behind me.  I never leave games early, but this one I did, because it was clear that there was nothing to be seen. 

Now the boys take to the road to play a Colorado team that the ownership has foolishly decimated.  Captain Coward has announced his retirement, and who knows what we will see.  The CBJ is a tired team right now, and there is no rest in the next few weeks.  If they win the next 10, the might be in the conversation, but realistically, this is a tired team with no reserve.  Simply put, the back end is not sufficient to support a playoff run, and needs drastically retooled.  This will come as a shock to those CBJ fans that are residents of outer Siberia.  Need 3 wins to be the 2nd best team in CBJ history.  A worthy goal for this group.


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