Friday, March 25, 2011

Game 74/Phoenix: My Take

In their last 10PM start of the 2010-2011 season, the Columbus Blue Jackets lost, 3-0, to the Phoenix Coyotes in front of 215 people at Arena.

Word is that Rick Nash and R.J. Umberger held a closed-door, players-only meeting after the game.  The DBJ blog had a mole in the room, and thus we offer:


1. Rivet, Moreau, Clark, Murray, Hejda, Stralman - Out.  You're not going to be here next year anyway.

2. Guys, the season isn't over yet.  It's really OK to keep scoring.

3. Mayorov....who the hell are you?  Do you play for us?

4. What was the final score in the Wisconsin-Butler game?  Do you realize what that game will do to my brackets?

5. Wipe that smirk off your face, Mase.  Garon was no worse than you've been.

6. Good golly, Scottie, do you have to mumble Barry White tunes every time we play a late game? And...oh my lord, not him...

7. Jake, do you want to play on this team next year or not?  I mean, we like your tunes but you really have to work on your game.  Hey!  Stop texting Commie and get your eyes front!

8. Blue liners: It's simple.  Don't join the damned rush until the goalie's backside is sealed off.  OK? 

9. Who stole my 8AM tee time at Double Eagle on April 10th?

10. On the bright side, it's not like anyone was here to see that embarrassment...

(H/T to @Canadan82 for the photo)
...and the bonus 11th comment:

11. Boller, you may have broken Biz Nasty's nose - but we still lost.

[UPDATE: Our mole snuck some video out of the locker it is. Pardon the language, but it IS a locker room...]

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