Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Games that matter, 3/9/11

YESTERDAY: No Columbus Blue Jackets game last night, as both the CBJ and the St. Louis Blues needed to rest up before their final matchup of the season.
  • Wild beat Avalanche
  • Canucks beat Coyotes in overtime
  • Sharks beat Predators in overtime
Blasted 3-point games are keeping the standings from shaking up much at all.  The CBJ lost another .1% last night, dropping their playoff chances to 5.8%.
TODAY: Looks like we're in for a nice, robust schedule with what appear to be some CBJ-friendly matchups.  Of course, we'll be puttin' on the foil for tonight's game at Nationwide.
  • Blue Jackets over Blues
  • Rangers over Ducks
  • Red Wings over Kings
  • Stars over Flames
  • Lightning over Blackhawks
For a little pregame joy, let's see how this St. Louis TV talking head just can't figure out Old Time Hockey:

So sad.  (But oh how I would LOVE to see Boll and Dorsett come out on the ice for warmups in those glasses...)

HUNT FOR THE FIRST DRAFT PICK: Ottawa's win last night lowered the threshold between the CBJ and the first pick by one point.  w00t!

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