Saturday, March 12, 2011

Games that matter, 3/12/11

[So I thought it over and have come to the conclusion that I might as well follow the "Games that matter" series through until/if the Columbus Blue Jackets are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  Consider it this blog's show of support for the team...hoping that a miracle will happen.]

YESTERDAY: Yeah, last night hurt a lot.
  • Kings beat Blue Jackets
  • Ducks beat Avalanche
The CBJ's playoff hopes dropped by 2.2%, plunging their chances to 1.4%.
TODAY: It ain't over until it's over.
  • Blue Jackets over Hurricanes
  • Avalanche over Predators
  • Canucks over Flames

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  1. DBJ -
    My buddy Bill suggested last night during pre-game festivities that the more important number on the hunt for the first draft pick is 'points to a lottery pick' (or at least one which could result in a first round pick). I think that would be the 5th pick, since you can only move up four places if you win the lottery.

    Just a thought


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