Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"A source on Tuesday told The Dispatch that the Blue Jackets -- fed up with losing and frustrated by yet another season out of the playoffs -- are planning to take a hard look at all aspects of the organization this off-season. Majority owner John P. McConnell confirmed as much to the Dispatch today..."
I cannot properly express how pleased I am about this development.

Sure, the Columbus Blue Jackets are closing in on their second-best record ever, but that means that (having only gone to the playoffs once in ten years) that they have nine years of sub-standard performance against which to compare. After the team gave up on Ken Hitchcock, I said that the sub-playoff year of '09-10 had to happen. But implicit in that acceptance was a quick turnaround in '10-11, one that would take this young, talented core to the playoffs. It didn't happen. In fact, the team double-dipped back into the suck.

As a ticket-holder, as a loyal fan, I'm angry about how this season has gone. There is no worthy excuse for this season. The CBJ didn't lose Rick Nash and R.J. Umberger for half the season (a la playoff-qualifying Pittsburgh losing Crosby and Malkin for half the season).  There were no roster-crippling injuries - remember, they won quite a few games without Kristian Huselius.  There were no lengthy suspensions.  No, this team lost it the old-fashioned way...players, coaches and management together.  Guess what self-defeating behavior gets you?  Defeats.  And the CBJ had way too many of them this year.

Now, learning that McConnell is going on record to say that he wants the mess straightened out...that gives me a measure of hope.  That's something I haven't felt with this team since... oh... probably November.

[UPDATE: The full story, with a number of quotes from McConnell, is here.  Bring. It. On.]

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