Thursday, March 17, 2011

Game 70/Detroit: My Take

The host Columbus Blue Jackets were shut out, 2-0, by the visiting Detroit Red Wings.

I've been saying for some time that if the Columbus Blue Jackets were to have a successful end to the season, they would need to find a way to beat the good teams.

I respectfully submit that giving up the game-winning goal a mere 33 seconds into the game is not one of those ways.

Enough about the game.  My one real point of joy in the evening (outside of spending it with my loving and sympathetic spouse) was the reaction that my new Jon Mirasty Blue Jackets jersey received on the concourse.  A couple guys saw the jersey and proceeded to talk to each other at length about the undeniable cool factor of a Mirasty jersey.  "Dude is a legend!" they said.  Couldn't help but smile.

NEXT UP: Saturday, 2PM in Minnesota.


  1. DBJ -
    ya, it was fun in a way. Detroit has a good team. In the off season we are going to mess around with figuring out what Detroit would look like if their franchise was only 10 years old. Till now, meh. They stuck two on Mase he had no chance on, then shut the game down. McDonald was terrible, but their players kept us from getting anything meaningful on him. Stick tap to them. They must have been mad about that shut out we laid on them in the Joe. 'nough said.

  2. Ha, If you were in the upper bowl, I was one of the people commenting on the Mirasty jersey- we walked through the concourse together for a few minutes before the game started... Nice jersey man, wish they'd put a better show for you and the lady friend...

  3. That was you? Too cool!


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