Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Games that matter, 3/16/11

YESTERDAY: The strangest of all nights.  The Blue Jackets can't pull their weight, but everyone else pitches in...and the CBJ playoff chances improve.
  • Bruins beat Blue Jackets via shootout
  • Kings beat Predators
  • Sharks beat Stars
  • Coyotes beat Flames
Yesterday's performances suggest to me that there's a degree of separation starting to happen in the West.  There are contenders...and there is the fodder for the first round.  Anyhoo, the CBJ's playoff hopes improved by 0.3%, raising their chances to 2.8%.

TODAY: The CBJ have the night off, and the NHL's teams are studiously avoiding the dreaded "Versus exclusivity window" (even though Versus generally doesn't show Western Conference teams), so we only have one game to track.
  • Blues over Ducks

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